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2 Apps


2 Apps

Web portal


Photo face capture & Time Tracking

Face photo captured as employee clock IN and OUT on Staff GEO mobile app. Staffstarr ensures IN and Out photos match and are correct.

Performance monitoring and Accountability

Find out which staff member is checked in at which site, if the staff is performing the right tasks and following the instructions, submitting reports on time and much more.

Real-Time Reporting

Staff can submit multiple reports from their post sites via the mobile app. Get automatic notifications make easy review and facility to share reports with clients.

Improve staff Performance

Staffstarr is built to enhance the performance of your security guards by easy online scheduling and task assignment.

Automated Tasks and Workflows

Staffstarr easily reduces administrative work. It automates tasks and processes with shift-templates and the scheduling module.

High quality Customer Service

Your entire staff can interact with customers using the accurate data. Staffstarr makes it easier for you to share the right piece of information with the clients.

Easy Team Collaboration

You can define the role of each user to give them limited access to the features of staffstarr to make collaborating with your staff easier. With multiple user access, your entire staff can access information from multiple devices.

Ensured Compliance

Ensure compliance by sharing your company policies with your staff. Share jobs, tasks, notes with staff so they have the access to the accurate information when they need it.

Centralized data system

Staffstarr put all the important data in one place and making it available to your entire staff when needed. It stores all your data on the cloud and makes it readily available in a secure and easy way.

Easy to use

The user-friendly interface is very easy to use. Handle changes with ease.

Increased Productivity

Staffstarr helps clearly define the tasks for your staff to increase their productivity on the client site.

Better Client Satisfaction

Staffstarr enables clients to access reports and important information online.

Real-Time Incident reporting

Get detailed insights into the daily incidents on-site with daily incident reports.

Organized process

Staffstarr improves the flow of communication throughout the whole team of company.

Eco-Friendly Management

Staffstarr automates your business and turn it into a paperless.

Starr Geo

Starr Geo mobile app for staff is designed to streamline the communication between staff members, company management and their clients. It offers many features such as time clock with photo capture, scheduling, custom reports, tasks details, GPS tracking and many more features to help staff offer excellent services. Staff can share all the important data with their team in real time. It is designed to increase the productivity of the employees while helping them make their job easier.

Starr Key

Starr Key is a fast, low cost and reliable online staff management app that specializes in streamlining staff management and staff scheduling. This app will expand your capacity to perform at the highest level and help grow and manage your most valuable resource, your staff!

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