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2 Apps

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Photo & location recognition timesheets

StaffStarr uses the latest technology so businesses can keep track of the starting & finishing hours of each ... Load More employee. Combining the photo capture feature and a GPS tracking system, it holds team members accountable for arriving at the right work location on time. Image recognition and geolocation are the key technologies used to provide solution to the businesses. Employee can simply download the Starr GEO app and use their smartphone to clock on and off. The app can be downloaded free from the Apple and Google Play store. hide some

Allocate shifts quick & easy

The StaffStarr app allows the manager create shifts and dispatch them to all or selected employees within the ... Load More organisation. Employees can express interest in the available shifts, and the manager can choose those who are best suitable for certain work times and jobs. Over hours, compliance check, client's review to staff, shift overlapping and employee's work ethics are the key information provided while allocating shifts. hide some

Tasks Allocation & Workflows

Employees will get a list of tasks, associated with the allocated shift, on the Starr GEO mobile app. The complete ... Load More information about the shift will be provided through Starr GEO App. Staff will record information about completed tasks. And also have the ability to attach images and notes related to the tasks if necessary. The system is a great way to manage workflow and get jobs completed in a timely and organised manner. A report will be genrated based on the information provided by staff through the Starr GEO App. hide some

Task reporting & performance monitoring

Employee will report the completed and uncompleted tasks during each given shift and also record clock in & out ... Load More times. Both factors will be used to score the shift & the employee. Information will also be used to review the staff performance hide some

Real-Time Reporting

StaffStarr creates detailed insights into the daily incidents on-site with daily incident reports. Employees can ... Load More submit reports from Starr GEO mobile app. The supervisor or manager will then be automatically notified using the notification system to do easy reviews and facilitate to share reports with clients. hide some

Welfare check - Optional

An automatic notification will be sent out to staff during the shift to verify their identity & location – when they work ... Load More off-site. The employee will be required to complete welfare check using the mobile app. Employee facial and location will be recorded. Managers are notified if a staff fails to welfare check. hide some

Manage shifts by client reviews

As client reviews are a very important factor, the StaffStarr can manage it more efficiently. As managers allocate a shift ... Load More to an employee, the system will provide reviews by the client for all employees. If applicable, the shift can be assigned to the best available team member based on the feedback. hide some

Stock management

Stock management can be a critical element in many businesses. Using the StaffStarr app, employees can always keep ... Load More track of what products they have to work with and what needs to be ordered. Staff can order stock for the worksite using the mobile app. A supervisor will get notified. hide some

Starr GEO - Smartphone App

Starr Geo mobile app for staff is designed to streamline the communication between staff members, company management and their clients. It offers many features such as time clock with photo capture, scheduling, custom reports, tasks details, GPS tracking and many more features to help staff offer excellent services. Staff can share all the important data with their team in real time. It is designed to increase the productivity of the employees while helping them make their job easier.

Starr KEY - Smartphone App

Starr Key is a fast, low cost and reliable online staff management app that specializes in streamlining staff management and staff scheduling.


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  • Starter
  • Upto 10 Staff
  • 2000 Images
  • 1 Admin User
  • Online Support
  • On Call Support
  • Web API Support
  • Business Manager
  • Custom Upgrade
  • Custom Incident Report
  • Great for small businesses

    $9.90 / Month

    $99.90 / Year

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  • Pro
  • Upto 25 Staff
  • 20000 Images
  • 5 Admin Users
  • Online Support
  • On Call Support
  • Web API Support : Limited
  • Business Manager
  • Custom Upgrade
  • 2 Custom Incident Reports
  • Great for medium businesses

    $49.00 / Month

    $500.00 / Year

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  • Premium
  • Upto 50 Staff
  • Unlimited Images
  • 10 Admin Users
  • Online Support
  • On Call Support
  • Web API Support : Full
  • Business Manager
  • Custom Upgrade
  • 5 Custom Incident Reports
  • Great for medium to large businesses

    $299.00 / Month

    $2990.00 / Year

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